Hidden Meadows Dress

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Back in simpler times there was a beautiful tradition for young people in Ukrainian villages to meet one another.  A young woman would weave an elaborate wreath of flowers gathered in her garden, and set it afloat on a nearby river.  The lucky young man who later found the wreath would then walk upstream from village to village, looking for the garden that had such flowers.  There he would find his true love.  This is the inspiration for our new Hidden Meadows collection of applique-embellished dresses and blouses.

This chic, limited-edition dress in lightweight emerald green linen, featuring hand-made appliqué embroidery is a statement piece worthy of any wardrobe. 

This dress comes in 3 sizes: Medium (M), Small (S), and Extra Small (XS).  See our size guide for more details.

100% Linen

Detachable linen belt

Snap buttons down the front

Dry Clean Only


Dress is 115cm/46"(xs) or 120cm/48"(sd) long when measured down the front


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Hidden Meadows Dress US $2,050.00