Vita Kin Mini - Gypsy Queen Dress

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Exclusively for clients of this shop, we've made Mini versions of the Oscar Wilde collection, featuring the same high-quality linen and exquisite embroidery. 

For children ages 2 to 10 years old.


Length (measured down the front)

Age 2: 50.5cm / 19.88in

Age 4: 56.5cm / 22.24in

Age 6: 65.5cm / 25.80in

Age 8: 71.5cm / 28.15in

Age 10: 80.0cm / 31.5in


Style Code: CDM-0012/GPQ-1

Bordeaux Red with Red/Green embroidery

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Vita Kin Mini - Gypsy Queen Dress US $330.00